Email Marketing - Ultimate Guide 2020

by Devon Brown

Posted on February 1, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Welcome to our free Email Marketing Guide! This guide was written to help our customers learn how to conduct a successful bulk email marketing campaign using our bulk email software programs. Today's businesses and organizations find themselves unable to compete online without developing a successful email marketing campaign. The most successful online businesses all use email marketing at the core of their marketing efforts. However, even the big boys have to play by the rules.

The software programs and resources available on this website were designed specifically to help you conduct a successful bulk email marketing campaign for your business or organization that complies with the new 2002 - 2007 USA Can Spam Law. This new law is much easier to comply with than most people realize. It simply places a few ethical requirements on bulk email to prevent fraud and theft. It is not intended to keep you or anyone else from reaping the priceless benefits of using a mass email program to promote your business or organization.

Let's get started. The first aspect of a successful email marketing campaign is to create a list of email addresses. There are numerous ways to develop an address list, even if you do not currently have any website traffic. 12 Minute Affiliate is where you can learn this. We offer several website traffic building tools such as Prospect Finder and Prospect Subscriber, which can both be found in the menu on the left side of this page. Prospect Finder allows you to collect all of the email addresses from your Outlook Express folders. If you haven't tried it out yet, download a free demo from our demo download site.

The Prospect Subscriber software program available on this website is a very quick and easy email marketing solution for collecting the email addresses of your website visitors and starting your subscriber list. It adds a simple popup to one or more of your web pages (which are not blocked by popup blockers) that asks visitors if they want to subscribe to your newsletter, mailing list, etc. This easy-to-use program can be up and running on your website within 15 minutes of purchasing it. No knowledge of HTML is necessary. Configuration is simplified with a wizard screen that asks a few simple questions before creating custom code that can be easily copied and pasted into your webpage code. You can select a delayed popup feature (which I personally recommend) to keep visitors from being prompted as soon as they enter the webpage on which you install it. This utility allows you to start your opt-in subscriber list immediately. Don't let another website visitor escape without it!

If you want to offer an immediate email response to those who require immediate answers to their questions, we offer Prospect AutoResponder. This intelligent autoresponder can answer an email inquiry with up to ten different email replies based on the specific inquiry. For example, if one of your website visitors wanted to see your latest specials before purchasing, Prospect AutoResponder will create a simple line of code for your website that will allow visitors to request to see your latest specials. Within seconds of their request, Prospect AutoResponder will answer their inquiry with an email reply to their specific question. This handy utility can be configured with up to ten different responses that are triggered by specific inquiries. Unlike other autoresponders that run on web servers and require special configuration by your webhost, this program runs by itself on your own computer. Setup time is usually less than 15 minutes. I am confident that Prospect AutoResponder will make your life much easier when it comes to responding to your incoming email requests. Once you have your email lists prepared, you can use Prospect Mailer to begin sending newsletters, advertisements, e-zines, and more to your prospects in bulk. Prospect Mailer's html composer makes creating vibrant, colorful emails a snap! Even if you don't know html, this composer works just like the most popular word processors and allows you to add pictures, graphics, and rich text to your emails. Prospect Mailer makes emailing much quicker than most email programs which limit users to sending only one email at a time. Prospect Mailer allows you to use up to 100 email channels to send out up to 50,000 emails per hour. If you want to learn more about its extensive list of features, select it from the menu on the left. Here are a few recommendations to make sure your emails are in compliance with the new 2002 - 2007 USA Can Spam law: Always honor remove requests from your recipients. Never use forged or fraudulent return email addresses. Never use fraudulent or deceptive subject lines. Do not redirect email through hijacked mail server relays. Include a postal mail address in your emails. Identify emails of an adult nature with the appropriate subject line. To learn more about this new 2002 - 2007 USA Can Spam law, click the link on the menu to the left. Once you have started your bulk email marketing campaign, Prospect Remover can help you automatically process any email requests you may receive to be removed from your mailing lists. Whenever you conduct a responsible email marketing campaign you should always provide a legitimate way for the recipients to be removed from your mailing lists. We developed Prospect Remover at the request of thousands of our customers who were growing weary of manually processing remove requests by deleting them one by one from their lists as each individual request came in. Once your list grows to even a few hundred, processing your remove requests can become a chore. I personally use this program to free up hours of precious time from my busy schedule each week. Once your email marketing campaign is in full swing, you will find that email addresses are like fruit. They tend to go bad after a while. People change ISPs, ISPs close down, people change domains and forget that they still had old email addresses on web pages and online directories, etc. It's not uncommon at all to have a so-called "fresh" email address list that contains over 50% invalid email addresses! If you were to send your emails to a list like this, 50% of your time and bandwidth would be wasted on attempting to deliver to undeliverable email addresses (not to mention having your inbox filled with undeliverables). Well, those days are over. Now you can use Prospect Verifier to clean up your email address lists and remove all of the undeliverables from them. I use this program periodically on our mailing lists to keep from using precious bandwidth to send out emails to addresses that are non-existent. It will pay for itself in no time. A good email address list management utility such as Prospect Manager can prove very valuable when managing your email address lists. Keeping them updated and cleaned is an important part of conducting a responsible and successful email marketing campaign. Prospect Manager is a robust email address management program designed to help you organize and manage your email address lists. A few of its many features include splitting lists, merging lists, removing duplicates, getting list statistics, custom list filtering, and much more. Once you use this program to help manage your email address lists, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Last but not least, you need to develop effective sales letters to use in your email marketing campaigns. The subject line of your email is very important. It will ultimately determine if your email even gets read or not. We recommend using believable subject lines that don't offer outrageous promises such as, "Spend $5.00 and earn $500,000.00 in one month." In today's Internet climate, emails like these are deleted without a second look. We have found that replies to specific requests usually generate the best chances of getting read and acted upon. For example, a subject line that reads "Here is the ABC Company Online Catalog that you requested" works much better than a generic reply such as "Here is the information that you requested." When developing a good sales letter, a good rule of thumb is to keep the reader involved by focusing on their specific needs and how your product or service can offer a solution to those needs. Once the customer learns enough to be confident that your solution is the best choice to meet their need, you will earn their business. That's exactly what I have done with this Email Marketing Guide. The reason I was able to capture and keep your undivided attention all the way through this webpage is because I remained focused on helping you find solutions to your Internet marketing needs. The key to marketing is being able to provide solutions for your potential and existing customer's needs, and to provide them with resources to help them reach their goals. If you can accomplish this in your email marketing letters, you will find them to be a vital component of your successful Internet marketing efforts.

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